Hi, I´m Jessica, the most Taurus-like Taurus that ever Taurussed and I help business owners to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

I’m the girl that keeps your business in check, and your team taken care of, while you get creative, build a personal brand, or focus on what is important to you whether that be in business or your private life.

A lover of project management, people management, and translation, I moved my work life out of physical offices and online after Covid-19 hit in 2020.

After a stint of self-employment in Spain between 2009 and 2013, then joining the Argentine Embassy as EA to the Ambassador, I know the difficulties that come up with having to mix corporate structures and team management with an entrepreneurial mind and keeping the creative vision going.  Now having worked with several business owners since 2017 struggling to make the best use of their own time, I have helped them go from too busy managing the day to day to focus on the bigger business picture, to spending more time with family, more time on the creative side of business, more time on growth and above all else more time ON THEIR PRIORITIES.

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